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About Shelli

Shelli's Story

Shelli Richardson Boggs is a teacher, advocate for students and education.

As a lifelong Arizona resident Shelli knows the importance of being an independent voice for empowering young lives.

 An EDUCATION can make the difference for a successful future. Shelli knows first hand that reaching those who have disconnected or disengaged and bringing them back into a pathway can equip a student for life.
Shelli is a mother, wife, and grandmother who has championed the importance of full self expression for those who need encouragement, moral support, and all out cheering for sports! Shelli is a wrestling mom for her son Kalvin Boggs who came in 2nd in state in weight class 154.  Shelli herself has been inducted into the Mesa Sports Hall of Fame for  being a member of the 1988 Mesa High Girls Softball Team. Shelli played  2nd Base.  Shelli also was part of Volleyball and Track teams. She will always be on the side of athletes and team sports because she knows how important it is to the overall education and growth of a student.

Shelli currently serves on the EVIT Governing Board in Mesa, Arizona.

Happy Hair Bands- A project of compassion

Anyone who’s undergone chemo and the subsequent hair loss is familiar with the itchiness and heightened sensitivity of cancer patients’ scalps.

Shelli Boggs is familiar with the frustration too,  her stepson was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and she saw firsthand how sensitive his scalp became. She also noticed how most cancer patients opted to pull on a beanie, something much more comfortable than a scratchy wig. Though her son’s hair grew back fairly quickly, it struck her how much longer that could take for girls.

Shelli set out to do something about it…