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About Shelli

Creative Solutions with Heart

Shelli has an entrepreneural spirit. She takes real life problems and brings creative solutions with passion and determination. 
Education is changing, and we need inventive minds for the future. Shelli Boggs gets it.
Help her reinvent college for our students.
Shelli is a dedicated teacher who understands the student of today and what can constribute to their overall success.

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3 Reasons to Vote for Shelli

Lower Tuition

Education should be affordable and accessible for all those who wish to learn, create, and transform their lives. As a governing board member I will strive to work with The Maricopa Community College Foundation and business leaders to ensure that anyone who wants an education can receive the support to obtain one.

Lower Taxes

Maricopa Community College currently has a tax surplus. I will keep taxes lower so that the community benefits from the community college but is not overtaxed. We can keep college tuition affordable without raising taxes.

Higher Job Placement

Connecting students with employers is key.
We need to develop better partnerships
with industry, business, and community
leaders to fill the extensive job openings
in our community.



Andy Biggs, US. Congressman, Az 5th District   

Debbie Lesko, US. Congresswoman, Az 8th District  


Sal DiCiccio, Phoenix City Councilman, 6th District

Nancy Salmon, President Mesa Republican Women